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2024 HPHA Membership Dues are Due

Annual dues are $25 and allow members to vote on any item brought up by the board, members are eligible for elections, and your dues help fund neighborhood events. Dues also allow the HPHA to keep residents informed, maintain and improve entrances ($20,000 cost in the last 10 years), and address issues that benefit all residents. For questions about current membership standing please contact Treasurer Louis Bitto at

Pay online with Venmo. Please include your address when submitting payment online and use payment phone code 9632.

Ready to become a member?

Please complete the membership form below. Even if you choose not to become a dues paying member at this time, please use the form to provide or change your e-mail address so we can keep you informed about issues affecting our neighborhood.

Property Owner HOA Registration

Please send membership dues to:

Louis Bitto, Attn: HPHA

37671 Huron Pointe Drive

Harrison Township, MI 48045

Thank you for registering with Huron Pointe HOA!

Image by Ian Keefe

What does the HPHA do for me?

Here are some of the things HPHA does or has done in the past:

  • Neighborhood block party/5K run/walk

  • Inspired the Harrison Township Board of Trustees to establish the Township Environmental Committee

  • Promote clean water initiative educational campaign; “Our Water, Our Future, Ours to Protect”

  • Road sign installation, literature distribution, & guest speakers at membership meetings

  • Promote county wide “Lake Safe Fertilizer” initiative

  • Networks with other area homeowner associations on items of mutual concern

  • Organize waterway treatment programs for invasive species of weeds (we pay for the required DEQ treatment permit each year for the last 30 years)

  • Designed, built, installed, funded and maintains subdivision entrance landscaping and entrance marquis (ongoing for the last 2 years)

  • Advises Township Board of Trustees, Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals on all matters under consideration which may have an effect on our subdivision.

  • Caused Township Board to overturn a approval of a Planned Unit Development due to improper notice required by the “Open Meetings Act” and gross over density of the (Sundog) condo project

  • Organizes and advertises the annual 850 home subdivision garage sale

  • Sponsored annual “Breakfast with the Easter Bunny” for neighborhood families

  • HPHA led the donation campaign which resulted in Automatic External Defibrillators (AED’s) being carried in local Sheriff patrol vehicles within our Township (10 years ago - but the units are in use today)

  • Recognized resident accomplishments through awarding of annual prizes for the Garden of the Year contest

  • Prizes for the best decorated house at Christmas for several years

  • Instrumental in defeat of a proposed Township ordinance requiring all homes to pass a building inspection prior to the sale of the home

  • Meets with Local, State & Federal Representatives for community interests

  • Maintains this web site for subdivision information

  • Helped organize a subdivision wide dinghy poker run using neighborhood water ways

  • Facilitate and organize block captains for distribution of information or leading neighborhood projects

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